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Victoria Beckham Swears by This Beauty Trick for Bigger, Brighter Eyes

Picture this: eating popcorn and binge-watching ‘Friends’ till 4 in the morning, falling asleep without washing your face, and waking up to the sound of your alarm at 8 am because you have an early Zoom meeting. Sounds like you?

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has messed up our biological clocks as most of us stay in our houses most of the time. With not much to do, we rely on our gadgets to entertain us, but we don’t notice that this habit is starting to take over our lives.

Unfortunately, reality will hit you at one point – that is, your body needs sleep, good food and exercise. But not getting enough sleep every night will only give you a puffy face and heavy undereye bags, which Victoria Beckham has a solution for.

Let’s face it, Posh Spice has never looked tired and that’s because she has some clever beauty tricks up her sleeves to hide those sleepless nights and make her peepers look bright and alive. Recently, she posted a selfie on Instagram and she looked radiant as ever.

Instagram — Victoria Beckham used white eyeliner in her waterline

Apart from her lashes and brows that were on point, she made sure that her eyes popped by using a white eyeliner inside the waterline. It may be a subtle addition but it made a dramatic difference to her eyes.

Makeup experts have known how easy and effective this technique is in making a person look less exhausted. It is also the answer to having a more polished look, and it suits any eye or skin color.

Other Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Apart from this secret trick, there are plenty of other hacks that will immediately brighten your eyes. If dark undereye bags are the problem, concealer could definitely become your best friend.

Eye bags don’t just give you an uneven complexion, but they also give an illusion of sad, droopy eyes. However, you have to remember to find the correct shade of concealer for your skin tone because you don’t want your undereye area to be a different complexion than the rest of your face. — Eye bags can instantly make you look older

To open up your eyes even more and for that instant ‘wow’ effect, curl your lashes. It will only take a few seconds of your time but it does wonders in your overall look.

Maridav/Shutterstock — Curling lashes can instantly make your eyes look brighter

Miranda Kerr has an ingenious hack if you don’t have a lash curler – wash a spoon, dip it in warm water, dry it, then place the edge of the silverware above your lashes. Gently clamp it with your thumb and add a little bit of pressure for an instant lift.

If you have puffy eyes, frozen gels and masks will address this problem. However, if you don’t have these things, you can just use an ice pack.

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