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Do You Know There’s A Sleeping Habit That Can Cleanse Your Brain?

Of late, the world, and its 8 billion-strong population, has warmed up to the idea of cleansing, which is why you might’ve noticed a trend on different social media platforms wherein influencers talk about the salt-water cleanse and the detox cleanse. The concept behind these is to wash out all the toxins that have been stored in the body. So, while the world is so mindful about their bodies, what about the mind? Could there be a cleanse for the mind? Well, it looks like scientists may have finally discovered something for the brains!

So, if you’re interested in learning more about this mysterious sleeping habit, then keep reading!

Shameel/Pexels | This one does not require a jar of water with cucumbers in it

Sleeping On The Side

According to scientists, there’s a simple sleeping habit that can clean your brain. But, what does that even mean? Sleeping on your side helps you in ways you probably have never thought about! It improves your Glymphatic System, which is responsible for cleaning out any and every misfolded protein from your brain. These proteins have a significant impact on the formation of motor neuron diseases. Hence, sleeping on your side is protecting you.

How Does It Work?

If you’re a fan of scrolling on social media, you might’ve already heard the term called ‘brain bleach.’ This is a thing that many people do intentionally or unintentionally when they watch a light-hearted video after seeing something terrifying or something that has stressed them out. This is very similar to watching funny videos after a horror movie marathon so you can sleep peacefully at night. It’s quite helpful in getting rid of those disturbing thoughts. Just like those thoughts, your brain also needs to get rid of all the unwanted chains of proteins that are created by your own body. These chains are made up of amino acids and become misfolded when something isn’t working out. They end up being deposited in your brain!

Kindel Media/Pexels | This is basically your brain’s trash that needs to be discarded

What Can Misfolded Proteins Do?

So, when you sleep on your side, you support the Glymphatic System in getting rid of the misfolded proteins and making your brain feel fresh and clean. The thing about these misfolded proteins is that they can lead to diseases like ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There is no cure for motor neuron disease but scientists believe that there is a solid connection between the Glymphatic System and the disease, which is why there’s been a great focus on understanding the significance of the Glymphatic System.

Pixabay/Pexels | You know what they say – prevention is better than the cure















So, will you be sleeping on the side from now on? We sure will.

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