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Top Picks For Countries Offering Great Mental Health Benefits

The World Health Organization describes mental health to be a positive state of mind in which a person is able to cope well with the everyday stress of life, come to realize their own abilities, and can contribute to society, all while being productive. When discussing mental health, you need to understand that location is one of the more critical factors as it greatly impacts mental health and wellbeing.

So which country is it that would be the most supportive of these unignorable factors for betterment?

Recently, research was conducted to determine the countries best for promoting sociological and psychological wellbeing. This effort commissioned the examination of environmental factors, government health-care spending, and work-life balance. So, if you cherish your well-being or are looking for a good environment to work on your mental health, here are some countries you could consider relocating to.

Fnfoto/Pexels | Slovenia is the ultimate country for green spaces


Alongside Norway and Canada, Finland is a country that has one of the coldest climates while also having the highest percentage of greenery. That doesn’t sound right, does it? But it works! Finland is known to be the happiest country in the world, winning this title five years in a row. Finland has a service known as Mental Health Hub that provides online therapy, assisting patients with disorders and mental health issues that can become barriers to leading a healthy life.


Much like Finland, Slovenia is a place that offers a ton of green space, boasting endless forests, parks, and riverbanks for citizens as well as tourists to enjoy. As half of the country is surrounded by native forests, Ljubljana, the country’s capital, was named European Green Capital.


Germany happens to be one of Europe’s most wealthy countries. It is also one that significantly supports and advocates the importance of mental well-being and goes above and beyond to help eliminate the stigma around it. Germany comes among the top countries in Europe with hefty government expenditure on mental health services.

Kai Pilger/Pexels | After Norway and France, Germany is the best when it comes to expenditure on mental health services by the Government.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is voted one of the five happiest countries in the world, and it is also rated the top country for work-life balance. Compared to European countries, employees in the Netherlands rarely ever have to work overtime. Moreover, it is the one country that encourages doing other activities during the 16 hours of free time you have outside of work.

Chait Goli/Pexels | Even though the Netherlands is a place with lesser greenery, it is still impressive when it comes to working our flexibility

From what it looks like, Europe’s been doing a banging job at prioritizing not just the physical but also the mental well-being of its citizens.

We don’t know about you, but Europe just jumped to the top of our relocation list.

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