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Amazing Skin Benefits of Antioxidants That You Probably Didn’t Know About

People often hear the word “antioxidants” in almost everything they eat or put onto their skin, then again, not everyone actually know what it is or what it actually does. Most people just know that it doesn’t something good for them, especially on their skin. This is because they are most likely to stop the cells from getting damaged or delay its damage. It is usually found in the foods and here are even some supplements that claim it could provide antioxidants.

Foods that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as vitamin E, has antioxidants in them. How they work is that they get released from the food once it has been disgusted, the antioxidants would then begin to travel into the bloodstreams that goes all the way to the cells.

Benefits On The Skin

Antioxidants actually have tons of benefits on the body, especially on the skin. It is technically the largest organ in the body and that’s why it is important to limiting free radicals that damage skin cells by having antioxidants. These are the benefits that not a lot of people know which is why we are sharing some of them to you.

Skin Repair

What most people don’t actually know is that antioxidants actually have the power to help the skin grow new cells. Skin cells often die when the skin gets expose to the sun for too long. People think that tanning is actually a great thing but too much of it can be incredibly dangerous.

It is drying out and damaging all the skin cells making it appear all wrinkly sometimes. This is the main reason why most beauty products that is being put on to the skin such as serums or lotions contain antioxidants.


It is literally impossible for people to stop aging, it’s part of life and being human. It is just inevitable to stop its effects on the physical being of a person. However, antioxidants have the power to slow it down by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Food rich in antioxidants may not be just enough so you might want to take it up a notch by using skin products that actually has them.

This would then help the skin look more radiant and glowing because it would be youthful with the absence of fine lines and wrinkles. The products that contain vitamins C and E are best for the face especially around the eye area.

Firms The Skin

When it comes to skin firming, antioxidants must always be present, since it is basically the one trying to rejuvenate the skin and makes it as healthy as possible. Moisturizers that contains antioxidants work best for this. Free radicals is the one that urges the skin to start the natural effects of aging.

Saggy facial skin is usually the most common one, which is why antioxidants could help reverse its damages. The skin on the face is usually the most sensitive ones since it is really thin, this is the main reason why it is usually the face that gets mature first for most people.


Another amazing benefit of antioxidants is that it helps calm inflammation on the face. In fact, this can be greatly found in green tea. According to dermatologist Melissa Levin from New York University, green tea is actually full of polyphenols, which is why it is best for healing the skin of someone with acne or even psoriasis.

Vitamin A has the most antioxidants, which is why when it gets applied to the skin, it would go deep into the pores and prevent the skin from clogging that would case pimples and blackheads. Those with acne actually produces too much oil and antioxidants may help reduce that as well.

Too Much Is Never Okay

It is a fact that too much of anything is just not good. A lot of people tend to think that by having antioxidants supplements could actually boost it and make the body consume it better, rather than just getting it naturally from food or beauty products.

Health experts believe that these supplements doesn’t just contain antioxidants, which is why it is not really advisable. It is also not good for the body to get too much antioxidants, it’s like when people ask if they could eat as much dark chocolate as they want since it is the good kind of chocolate.

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