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Beauty Mogul Kim Kardashian Wears Makeup to Bed — Here’s Why

When it comes to beauty, almost every woman tries to figure out what will be the perfect routine and perfect products for them. One of the best ways to do it is to learn how their favorite celebrities manage to look good all the time.

Although celebrities tend to spend thousands of dollars on treatments and other procedures to stay young and beautiful, people still would like to know what other things are they doing to be camera ready at all times.
Social media is one of the best ways to see what your favorite celebrities are up to and one of the most followed celebrities in social media has got to be Kim Kardashian. With over 122 million followers on Instagram, women really do admire the way she dress as takes care of herself. However, she recently revealed a major beauty mistake that she admitted she can’t help but do.

Kim Kardashian Wears Makeup To Sleep

The Kardashian who started it all is having a huge success with her KKW makeup line alongside her sister’s Kylie Cosmetics. It is no surprise that she loves makeup as much as other women do not just because of the boost of confidence it gives her, but also how it enhances the natural beauty she already has.

Unfortunately, the multi-million reality star turned social media queen and beauty mogul confessed that she goes to sleep with makeup on her face. In an interview with Busy Tonight, she revealed that she does this every single time and usually she even tries to salvage it for like two days, which literally means she tries not to wash it off unless she really has to.

Kim usually gets glommed up by some of the best celebrity makeup artists in the industry so she seems to get her money’s worth by not removing it right away even if she has to sleep. This definitely shocked almost everyone since it is literally one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to makeup.

She didn’t exactly say that she recommends it or that she doesn’t know it’s bad, but the host was surprised by this revelation as well. Kardashian doesn’t seem to face any issues regarding her face, but that’s just because she is well taken care of by her dermatologist since her face is very important to her as a celebrity and businesswoman who has a makeup line.

Possible Effects Of Wearing Makeup To Bed

Dermatologists and makeup artists know very well that makeup can actually affect the skin on the face so much. Makeup may be harmless but wearing them for such a long time without cleaning your face off may ruin your skin slowly. One of the worst possible side effects that you may have if you sleep with makeup on would be an eye infection.

According to Dr. Joel Schlessinger who is a dermatologist, there are cases that eye makeup can get into the eyes while we’re asleep without us knowing and this may cause dryness, redness, that includes irritation that usually ends up being infected especially if it has been rubbed even more. Eyeliners and mascara that are usually left on the eyes may clog the hair follicles on the eyelids, this causes the little bumps known as styes which can sometimes hurt and will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. It can be a nuisance since you can’t exactly wear eye make up unless you want to irritate it even more.


The skin on the face has got to be one of the most sensitives parts of the body. It is very thin which is why it can easily get ruined if not properly taken care of. One of the reasons why makeup is not woman to be worn to bed is because it usually causes breakouts.

Dr. Dennis Gross said in an interview with Bustle that the pores will get clogged because of the foundation and the dirt on the face will be trapped. This doesn’t just cause the skin to break out, it usually makes the skin dry as well that may lead to wrinkles in the long run. As for the lips, getting a color on it may be nice but it may leave your lips chapped and dry.

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