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Check Out These Creative Ways to De-Clutter Your Travel Souvenirs!

One of the exciting and fun activities we do when traveling is shopping. Whether we’re going to a new mall, shop at a local market, or pick some things up as we go along the way, we cannot help but take a souvenir with us. These souvenirs served as our remembrance of the place we’ve visited.

We also look forward to the day we’ll reminisce these beautiful memories with smiles on our faces while gazing on these items. But as we buy more mementos in every place we go, they end up taking a lot of space in our room or house. How can we organize these items without making our space more cramped?  These travel experts share their creative ways to declutter and decorate your souvenirs aesthetically.

Collect More Trays

Arbil44/Wikimedia Commons
You can also display these trays on your tables to make your living or kitchen room aesthetically beautiful

According to renowned stylist Kelly Framel, she loves collecting beautiful trays to showcase on her house and highlight the favorite pieces of souvenirs she bought. Then, she’ll put some ornamentals on the tray and arrange them based on length or height.

Sometimes she’ll put it on top of her dressers, stacks of books, or even trunks. If you want, you can also place and group your souvenirs on trays according to country or regions you’ve visited.

Use Your Boxes To Organize Your Stuff

Instead of putting the stocks of cartons and trunks you bought from abroad on the basement, Framel says you can use them to organize your stuff. For example, you can pile these trunks and chests to create a cabinet or drawer where you can put your clothes or stuff. You can also use it as your bookshelf to showcase your collection of books or a coffee table to display your crafty arts and ornaments.

Scaling is Important

Another trick you should learn to declutter your souvenirs effectively is the art of scaling. According to Framel, you should decide which artworks or ornaments to display depending on the available space to recreate a comfortable and less-cramped environment. For example, you can display your large artworks, portraits, or paintings in small places.

Painting: Tor-Arne Moen; photo: Tor-Arne Moen/Wikimedia Commons
Framel says you should scale your artworks depending on the space you have.

In this way, you only need to show 2-3 artworks without making your room more cramped or cluttered. Furthermore, Framel adds these massive portraits gives grandeur to your room. It automatically catches the attention of your visitors and gives the illusion of opening up more space in your place.

Meanwhile, small-scale portraits and souvenirs are suitable to display in large spaces like your living room since you can showcase more of it. It also creates the illusion of a never-ending display of relics.

Match Lightings With Shiny Decors

Framel also recommends pairing your lightings like chandeliers and lamps with shiny ornaments to complement your global decors. For example, you can put your bulbs on top of a polished golden vase to provide bright or shiny illumination to your room. You can also shop for affordable vintage or polished fixtures on HomeGoods to style your souvenirs.

Use Curtains or Walls with Solid Colors to Provide a Backdrop For Your Portraits

Got some attention-grabbing and gorgeous artworks you bought from abroad? Showcase them by using velvet curtains to create more impact.

For example, you can exhibit the artworks in your entertainment room where the whole family can relax and bond while gazing at your paintings. Portraits provide great, calming energy while giving off a classy and luxurious makeover in your house.

Stephanie Harvey/unsplash
Use curtains or walls to provide a solid backdrop while exhibiting your collection of paintings and portraits

Use Minimalistic Lines to Anchor Your Space

Framel recommends trapping or confining your souvenirs with monochromatic color schemes or minimalist lines to provide a sense of calmness and organization in your space.

For example, if your room is cramped due to your ornaments and main stuff like bed or table meeting up, you can separate your craft by putting it in a drawer box (or tray) with minimalist design. In this way, you can declutter your souvenirs while making it presentable and pleasing to the eye.

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