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Debunking Myths: Bad Makeup Habits Everyone Should Quit

It seems like only makeup professionals can pull off seamless and flawless makeup. A trip to the salon is somehow necessary for proms and weddings, but because of the internet and the holy land of YouTube, more and more people are becoming good at makeup!

There are already millions of videos on different media sites where millennials are showing off their skills in putting on makeup. Videos vary from makeup reviews, makeup tutorials, and makeup hauls.

Because of this increasing interest in makeup, enthusiasts are creating new trends like baking and contouring. Since video tutorials are readily available, paying professionals for a class seems impractical already. We already know how the makeup game works, but what we probably don’t know are the things NOT to be done. Here are a few things we are doing that are totally wrong according to the professionals.

Pumping the mascara for an even distribution

To all the long-lash lovers out there, this information is vital. We always have a hard time distributing the product evenly to the wand. As a result, we get clumpy and messy eyelashes. We always opt to pump the wand back and forth to the bottle in the hopes that it can fix the issue. Well, news flash, it won’t. Pumping the mascara wand makes the air enter the bottle and it can easily dry the product. Instead of pumping the mascara wand, try to twist it out of the tube.

Apply concealer before the foundation for better coverage

Spot concealing is a makeup technique where concealer is applied only to stubborn scars and blemish

Most people, especially the ones suffering from acne apply the concealer first- professionals say otherwise. Applying the concealer before the foundation can only wipe it out. It can also give a more cakey-looking face, and that is not a good sight to see.

Foundations can already cover blemishes and freckles so apply it first. Concealer, on the other hand, is for the more stubborn areas. Assess the spots that are not covered by the foundation and spot conceal to give a more natural looking face.

Makeup does not have an expiration date

People who collect makeup may think that it’s a good investment since makeup can be used forever. But just like any love story, there is no such thing as forever in makeup. Placed at the back of almost all makeup is an indication of the makeup’s shelf life. It is a digit that symbolizes the number of months it can be used. The countdown to expiration starts when the makeup is being opened.

Match the foundation on the wrist

Finding the perfect foundation that matches the face can be a very tricky thing to do. Applying seems to be the key to foundation shopping but is not at all feasible. There is always the fear of being judged or using an overused brush in the counter.

Then, someone decided to match the foundation in the wrist. In this way, the color match can be better examined without contaminating the face with the tester brushes. But this is the reason why most people buy the wrong shade, either too light or too dark. Wrist can’t get enough sunlight as our face does so this habit is a major no-no. Professionals say that to get the best match, the foundation should be applied in the jaw area. The jawline is the better place for a color test.

Baking is the key for a creaseless concealer

Baking is a process where a powder is applied to areas where we put concealer. These areas include the under the eye, in between the cheekbones and jawline, and at the bridge of the nose. The powder is left for a minute or two before dusting it off.

A guideline showing the areas of face that are usually ‘baked’

It is said that the baking process makes the concealer look flawless all throughout. This method was popularized by Kim Kardashian, and it became an instant cult. What most people don’t know is that baking is not for everyone. People with dry skin should probably skip this step. Putting powder will only emphasize the dry skin, making it look patchy. Baking is more friendly to people with oilier skin since the powder helps absorb the oil and possible oil breakouts.

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