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Essential Makeup Products Every Career Woman Must Have

From going to job interviews to client meetings, every woman must have that professional and put-together look. There is nothing wrong with the natural and bare face but a little bit of color won’t harm anyone. The industry is more likely to favor women with a tidy and professional look. Ditch the ‘woke up like this’ ensemble during college days and start investing in makeup that actually does wonders.

There are a lot of products that are readily available anywhere. Like gadgets, makeups too are very fast at introducing new lines every season. Buying almost everything is definitely not a key to the professional key we are going for. And let’s face it, makeup are a little bit pricey so we should always think before we proceed with the checkout. Try to narrow down the choices to these essentials to save money without compromising the quality.

Moisturizer, Sunscreen, and Primer

These three are the basic things to apply on the face before putting on makeup. A good moisturizer locks in all the good moisture in the skin so it won’t suffer dryness from all the chemicals in makeup. Sunscreen, too, is a must since it protects the face from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

The Benefit cosmetics primer is one of the best primers in the market

Primer, on the other hand, gives that smooth and fairer skin so the foundation will look flawless. Prepping the skin with these three products can improve the longevity of the makeup.


good foundation is a holy grail for women who want to have that radiant and flawless look. A foundation helps conceal blemishes and will give anyone that cleaner look. There are different types of foundation in the market, like liquid, stick, or powder foundation. No matter what the formula is, as long as it’s not irritating the face is already good. People with more stubborn scars should consider buying a concealer.

Brow Kit

They all say that the most defining feature of a woman’s face is her brows. That is why people who are favoring the more subtle look only go to foundation and brows. A good brow can make or break a look that is why it is a TOP priority to know how to do them.

Brow stencils are good for beginners who want to have brows on fleek

Like foundation, brow products, too, come in different formulas. There is a powder one, a pomade, and a brow stick. It’s not necessary to have these three. One brow product that suits the preference and matches the face is enough.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Bring out the eyes by putting a definition using eyeliner. Eyes lined with a liner can immediately give the face a more sophisticated look. Mascara, on the other hand, makes the eye pop. Good and defining mascara can save us time putting on false eyelashes or even save us money from getting lash extensions. Make sure to replace the mascara every three months. A good hygiene tip: never share eyeliner and mascara from anyone to protect the eyes from getting contaminated.


Foundation gives the skin one color or tone and it can look flat without a blush. A blush can give anyone that rosy cheeks and a subtle glow. Make sure to always blend the blush to avoid looking like a clown.

There is no need for highlighting the face with a highlighter or even contouring. It’s a little bit effortful and time-consuming. But for career women out there who are just extra, then a palette that comes with a contour, blush, and highlight is a more practical investment.

A trio-pan palette is good for women who are always on-the-go


A makeup is never complete without a lipstick. It carries the whole look, and just by changing lipstick shades, anyone can change the day. A skin-toned color is good for daytime, going to meetings, and lunch parties. It looks expensive but it’s neutral enough not to be intimidating. A classic red is good for office gatherings and parties. It’s sophisticated yet fun.

Makeup tools

Investing in good makeup tools is a wise spending. Tools help in putting on the makeup flawlessly and effortlessly. It can be pricey but it can also last up to years. Make sure to observe proper hygiene with the tools to avoid skin irritation. A good makeup remover is also a must-have in every makeup kit. It removes the makeup so much faster than the regular wipes we have.

A good makeup is not always pricey, and a pricey makeup is not always good. There are a lot of cheaper products that can compete with high-end brands. Also, avoid buying fake makeups since it is not good for the health.

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