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Experts Reveal the Secrets to Feeling Younger and Beautiful Every Day!

Everyone wants to live longer in this world to spend more time in building beautiful memories with our family and friends. We want to see our future children reach their dreams and be there to guide them.

However, we also want to retain our health and youthfulness. Is it possible to be alive and kicking longer than anticipated? The health experts reveal these secrets in living longer and feeling younger.

Changing Your Perception

Most people think our body deteriorates and becomes weak as we grow older. We often see how our parents and grandparents barely have the energy to do any activity, even as simple as walking. That’s why we dread growing older in fear that we’ll lose the strength and vigor we have.

While this reality may seem true to most old people, the health experts claim it’ll only be true if you let your perception rule you. If you see yourself as a weak and frail old man, your cells are likely to respond to your desires accordingly and fasten your aging process. So Instead of thinking how your body is becoming weak, the experts recommend you to change your perception on body and aging.

The moment you change your perception and see how age is just a number and it doesn’t define how we live and rule our lives

You should see every day as a new opportunity to increase your energy, transform your body into a healthier one, and renew yourself. Break the limits by committing to a healthy lifestyle and start exercising and eating healthy foods. Stay adventurous and complete your bucket list. Try new things you haven’t done before and break your limits. Live your life to the fullest.

Learn How to Manage Stress By Meditating

Another major factor of faster aging is chronic stress. We barely have time to rest and unwind as we deal with endless hectic schedules both at work and in our personal life. Chronic stress is dangerous for our health as it increases our blood pressure, wreaks havoc on our hormone levels which can lead to the acceleration of the aging process. The health experts recommend you should take a break and unwind from stress from time to time.

One way of reducing and managing your stress is through meditation. According to research, daily meditation can help reduce your risk of acquiring hypertension, heart disease, blood pressure, and other mental health illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Another groundbreaking study in Massachusetts General Hospital revealed that eight weeks of meditation helps the patients to feel calmer as they learn how to regulate their stress. It also enhances memory retention and alertness. So if you want to have a happy and youthful mind, the experts recommend you to undergo a regular meditation practice.

Have a Restful Sleep

According to a 2010 study, an increased number of deaths were recorded in people aged 50-79 who only get less than five hours of sleep per night. The study shows how sleep affects our quality of life and mortality rate

Another reason why most adults nowadays grow older and faster than their actual age is that they don’t get enough sleep. Most of the time, working adults only get an average 3-4 hours of sleep, sometimes none at all.

This, in turn, disrupts our body’s balance and healing process, as well as weakens your immune system. Lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain which can trigger inflammation and chronic illnesses. So if you want to live longer and healthy, the health experts recommend having at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

Having a restful sleep will allow your body to heal and revitalize the energy you’ll need to face another day. Establish a consistent sleeping time and routine to fall into this habit easily.


Do not isolate and drown yourself with the stress of work and problems in life. Keep in touch with your family and friends. Socialize during weekends or during your free time and build relationships.

Your circle of family and friends will serve as your support system to cope with your stress and problems. They are there to listen and guide you as you unload your emotional baggage inside. Their love, support, and care also give you the strength, courage, and hope you need to keep going.

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