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Kate Moss Talks About Beauty And Her Brand Cosmoss

If there’s any model we want to look like, it has got to be Kate Moss! An icon of her time, Kate Moss is a British model and businesswoman who rose to fame in the early 1990s. It was her Calvin Klein collaboration that welcomed her into the supermodel tier. Today, the model enjoys her time running a successful business and taking care of herself.

While she was known for her amazing looks back in the day, Moss is now shifting towards a more natural look and embracing a self-care-loving attitude. Moss has also channeled this energy into her wellness brand, Cosmos, which was inspired by the change in Moss’s lifestyle as she began to prioritize herself and started taking better care of herself. This led the former model to start a brand that would be based on the same ideology i.e., self-love.


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Starting The Day Right

Kate Moss starts off her day with a refreshing cup of Cosmos Dawn Tea, which she claims to be a secret elixir for beauty from within. Moss stated that this tea rejuvenates your whole body and aligns your system. For her, this tea is the perfect substitute for lemon water since lemon water is considered quite harmful to your teeth.

Once she is done with her tea, Moss lights up one of the rose quartz candles to set the mood. For her, it is the perfect start to a peaceful and calm day ahead. Then she starts with a cleanser, a rose water toner, and tops it all off with the Cosmos Face cream. Moss mentioned that she gave the CBD-infused cream to a friend of hers who suffers from eczema and due to the delicate nature of the cream, they were able to use it, which in Moss’s eye is a great achievement.


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Sunscreen Is A Must

Then she uses a Gua Sha to help the lymphatic drainage in her face with the help of a technique she caught on when she was working in the modeling industry. Once this task is done, Kate reaches out for the final step, which is sunscreen! An addition that was recommended by her daughter, Lila. Kate mentioned how Lila is a skin-care enthusiast and more inclined towards makeup herself.

Down To The Last Step

Then Kate moves on to apply makeup. She mentioned that she isn’t someone who would be considered high maintenance, so she opts for a little concealer to even out her skin tone, a bronzer to sculpt her face, and a brow gel to set her eyebrows in place. Last but not least, she ends her makeup routine with a lip tint in a rosy color. Once her makeup routine comes to an end, Moss is ready for the day. To this point, only her hair remains undone. For her hair, she uses a texture mist, which was created especially for her by her very old hair stylist, Sam McKnight, in his collection.


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Now that her morning routine is completed, Kate Moss is a supermodel who’s ready to take over the world.

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