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Why Could You Be Suffering From Aging Skin?

Are you regularly hopping in bed without washing your makeup? Are you in the habit of trying out every skin product that is displayed on the shelves? You may see these as common mistakes that do not deserve much attention. However, over a period of time, your habits will take a toll on you and leave you with an aging skin.

You will be a victim of looking prematurely older than you are and could be concerned about what you should be doing to change your appearance. If this is a problem that you are already facing, we are breaking down some of your bad skin habits to show you how you can improve and look younger once again.

“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.” — Dr. Howard Murad

Staying Away From Sunscreen Can Lead To Aging Skin


The primary reason why you are displaying signs of aging skin is that you are not wearing sunscreen regularly. The sun is the primary cause of aging skin and can affect you regardless of whether the day is cloudy, raining or snowing. The UV rays from the sun can penetrate through glass. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen even when you’re indoors.

Also, remember to choose the right sunscreen that can block UV rays of both types and has an SPF of 30. Formulas that are fortified with antioxidants and containing ingredients such as vitamin C, idebenone, resveratrol or coffee Berry can offer you better protection.


Failure to Pay Attention To Your Hands And Neck

Your face isn’t the only area that deserves attention. Exposure to sunlight affects your hands and neck just as your complexion. These areas also display signs of skin aging and can develop dark spots and dryness. You can use the simple method of generously applying moisturizers and sunscreen on your hands and neck. Moreover, you can use the same product you are using on your face.

Spot Treating Pimples


Women over the age of 40 regularly experience problems with acne. This is largely due to fluctuating hormones. You can use a spot treatment to find relief from the red spots, but you will only be drying out the skin. However, doing so would leave behind an irritated area without helping the pimple in any way.

Rather, you should clean your entire face with a cleanser or a moisturizer that is specifically designed for acne fighting. It’s your best opportunity to prevent future outbreaks.

 Hopping Into Bed Without Removing Your Makeup

After a busy day at work or a late night out, you may be tempted to get into bed immediately after arriving home with your makeup. Simply skipping a cleanser before you get to bed gives an opportunity for breakouts on your skin. Problems with the complexion are caused by environmental toxins that build up on the skin and invade the pores of the skin.

Therefore, it is advisable to wash your skin before you get into bed. Using a good cleanser will give you immense benefits. It is even more convenient to keep a box of cleansing towelettes beside your bed.

Do Not Change Products Too Quickly

Do you have a feeling that the skin aging moisturizer you selected is not performing according to your expectations> If son you should not ditch the product immediately. Changing products regularly may create an impression that nothing works on your skin. Every product requires at least six weeks before you can witness any change in your complexion.

The skin cycle needs 30 days for fresh skin cells to reach the outer layer of the skin. Therefore, if you want to see any major difference in the texture and the clarity of your skin, you should use the product for more than a month. If the product contains skin aging ingredients, you should wait even longer. The skin requires four months to regenerate collagen and elastin.

Apart from these suggestions, it is advisable not to use too many products at the same time. If you do this, you are likely to develop the assumption they are all irritating. You should rather try one product at a time because it will give you an opportunity to understand whether the product works for you or not. Follow these suggestions regularly because they can definitely help you to prevent the skin aging you are currently experiencing.

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