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Can Using Too Many Skin Care Products Harm Your Health?

So, if you run into a problem like this, neither will you get any healthier nor will you look better. The question is, how can you apply several layers of treatment to your skin properly and get rid of wrinkles and other issues?

Proper Layering Strategy Is the Key to Healthy Use of Multiple Products

It may sound terrible and discouraging, but there is still hope. It is possible to use multiple skincare products and the key is strategic layering. Michael Lin, MD, a dermatologist at Dr. Lin Skincare in Beverly Hills, claims that the use of more than one product should be based on their thickness.

This will make sure that the treatments penetrate into the skin appropriately. According to him, piling occurs because of applying lower viscosity products first, then letting them dry and applying the new layer afterwards. Lin claims that the application of products in the incorrect order can prevent their penetration and absorption. The more viscous the treatment, the worse the penetration of the products that are applied subsequently.

There Is A Simple Pattern


Perhaps, right now you are thinking about looking into your skin care products’ contents and thinking of how you can put them into the right order. Well, you can sit back and relax, we’ve already done it for you.

The best application order goes something like this: first apply serums, follow with lotions, then spread creams, and finish with ointments. In case you’re thinking of applying a toner, it’s best to do it after cleansing. And it’s even better to do it after washing the face. In case you love using essences, which is a special feature of Korean skincare techniques, you should do it before applying serum.

However, absorption is just one of many issues that can be caused by using excessive skincare products. The use of many formulas that have different active components may as well heighten the risk of skin irritation.

It’s Not Only about Layering


According to Dr. Lin, the greater amount of products used, the higher the chance of appearance of unwanted interactions. This is particularly associated with the use of such powerful actives, as alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, including lactic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and salicylic acid.

In their essence, all of these components are very effective and normally don’t cause irritation. However, an incorrect combination of these ingredients can result in serious irritation, such as swelling, burning, and redness. So, if you want to avoid these unfavorable interactions, make sure to read product labels before adding them to your skin care treatment orchestra.

Nevertheless, there is a very simple way of setting things right, if you follow Dr. Lin’s advice. He suggests that using products from one and the same trustworthy brand assures their compatibility. The thing is that a properly designed product line addresses various needs of the skin with each of the released product, thus making them all fall in line – no pun intended – in order to make the needed impact.

Take Notes and Develop Your Own Pattern

Considering all of the above, here is a sample skin care regimen with products from the same line: start with Caudalie VINE[ACTIV] Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum, follow it with Caudalie VINE[ACTIV] Energizing and Soothing Eye Cream, and then apply VINE[ACTIV] 3-in-1 Moisturizer. Repeat the procedure in the same order at night with one difference – add VINE[ACTIV] Overnight Detox Oil before you apply the moisturizer.

Skin care experts state that it’s always easier and healthier to choose a particular product line and stick with it. Jumping from one product to another and mixing products from various lines may result in some serious skin problems.

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