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Six Daily Habits that are as Dangerous as Smoking

Advertisements against the harmful effects of smoking have existed since time immemorial. The heavy discouragement of cigarette consumption is the result of the knowledge of many negative effects it can cause to our bodies. The moment we decide to light one, we are automatically subjecting our bodies to 60 different illnesses.

For years, we have been bombarded by information of these negative effects. But what we don’t know is that there are actually six activities that can pose major health risks to us, just like those little cancer sticks do. How? Because they promote unhealthy lifestyle practices that make our bodies more vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses and diseases.

Here are the six habits that are as bad as cigarettes, all according to research.

Sitting all Day

Exercise will not be enough to counter the risks caused by prolonged sitting

This targets students and people who have desk jobs that require them to sit for a more prolonged period of time. Sitting for six to eight hours a day can expose people to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It is also linked to cancer and even diabetes. Even if we hit the gym for 30 minutes to an hour, it’s still not enough to negate the dangers of sitting all day. We are not saying that people who have desk jobs should look for a more proactive career. Instead, they should find more alternatives that will make them sit less like taking small breaks to stretch and get some fresh air instead.

Sleeping too less or too much

Everything in excess is dangerous, but so is having too little of it. According to research, adults should have an average sleep of seven to nine hours everyday. Not being able to meet this expected resting time promotes depression, obesity, and diabetes. It also decreases the mental and cognitive functioning of our brains. Even if we only miss sleep one night, we can immediately notice our body to be more tired, our moods more irritable, and our brain to be working slower.

Aside from the lack of sleep, scientists also discourage people who have multiple alarms. An interrupted sleep only makes our body more tired and we wake up feeling like we didn’t have adequate rest. So only set one alarm and stick to it rather than snoozing it all the time.

Consumption of Soda

A 100-ml coke contains 10.6 sugar and 42 kcal

Nothing beats a soda on the rocks on a very hot summer day. It’s easy to get tempted by it since it easily goes along with any type of food and occasion. But sodas, no matter how tasty they may be, have one of the worst effects on our body. Aside from the obvious high sugar content that can lead to diabetes, it can also lead to chronic heart conditions. Research show that drinking one can of soda a day can add seven kilograms on our body weight and increases our chances of developing the illnesses mentioned above.

Overconsumption of Cheese and Meat

Creating a cheese board with different kinds of cheeses and meats that pair perfectly with our favorite wine is always good way to bond with friends. But according to research, consuming too much of it can be a major health risk. These animal-derived foods are very rich in protein which means they are also rich in IGF-1, which is a kind of growth hormone that can stimulate the growth of cancer cells in our body. This means that the more we eat these foods, the more we are feeding cancer cells. Research shows that consuming cheese and meat once to twice a week is a healthier route to take.

Loneliness and Anger

Loneliness is linked to depression and suicide

One of the worst situations we can put ourselves into is bottling up negative emotions. This includes anger, frustration, sadness, and being lonely. These negative emotions can either create illnesses or it may increase our susceptibility to suicide. Bottling up anger can increase our risks of developing heart complications by 48%. Loneliness on the other hand was found to reduce life expectancy rate and is comparable to a person who smokes 15 cigarettes a day.

One of the best ways to combat these negative emotions is to exercise and live a proactive life. Physical activities such as trekking, yoga, and walking can boost the production of happy hormones, making us more positive and joyful.

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