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Tired of Messing up Your Pomegranate Seeds? Here Are Three Methods to Get It Right!

We all love eating pomegranates, don’t we?  Unfortunately, most of us find it hard to seed them and in turn, end up making a big mess in the kitchen!

That being said, there are several pomegranate seeding hacks in just about every food and nutrition website online, and some of them swear that the hack is as legit as it comes.

Indeed, we will do anything to get to that nutritious vitamin C and fiber! Oh, if only we could get rid of that horrendous mess we leave in the kitchen.

Wait, there is!

As a matter of fact, here are some of the most essential online hacks through which we can successfully seed a pomegranate without making a big mess!

Pomegrantes are quite nutritious and recommended in your diet

Method 1: Slice the Pomegranate in Half and Crush It with a Wooden Spoon

For most people, this is by far the easiest method when it comes to seeding this scrumptious fruit. Honestly, it can be a walk in the park once we get it right!

So, as the title suggests, we start by first slicing the pomegranate in half. Ensure that there’s a bowl beneath the pomegranate, then proceed to whack and whack the pomegranate until all its particulars come out.

That being said, expect a few seeds to get the best of the technique and manage to find their way into the juice.

Oh and make sure that there isn’t a plain white-T or table cloth nearby!

Method 2: Slice the Pomegranate into Sections, Then Crush It

For those who are more reserved when it comes to making a mess, this method starts by gently slicing around the upper part of the pomegranate deep enough so that we can remove it in a manner similar to peeling the top.

After the peel has been removed, we then slice the pomegranate into sections.

This is a much better primarily because it loosens up the seeds, unlike the aforementioned method which leaves them tightly tied to the rind.

So once we start whacking the pomegranate, we will be pleasantly surprised to see a decent amount of pomegranate juice coming out,

That being said, expect to get that occasional splatter.

So make sure that T-shirt is safe! Maybe wear an apron!

Pomegrantes have become increasingly popular among the health conscious

Seeding the Pomegranate in a Bowl of Warm Water

This is by far the oldest method on the list, and probably the ones that our great-grandparents used to get to the scrumptious sections of the pomegranate they desired.

That being said, this is by far the most effective method to get all the seeds out without causing a mess.

We start by peeling the pomegranate. We then deep the pomegranate in warm water and then gently remove all the seeds that are in place.

Due to being submerged in warm water, there is no splatter, hence no mess because of whacking.

Despite seeming like the most mundane of all the tricks we have mentioned, it actually takes the least time and we don’t have to worry about losing some great shirts in the process!

Benefits of Consuming Pomegranate Seeds

Now that we’ve known about the different methods of seeding a pomegranate, what are some of the benefits that we receive from consuming them?

Are highly nutritious- Pomegranates are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C.

As a matter of fact, pomegranates provide us with about 48 percent of our recommended Vitamin C intake.

Low calorie- A singular pomegranate contains about 234 calories, which means that it packs high nutrition but with fewer calories. Call it the ideal snack!

Contains high anti-oxidant properties– Last but not least, pomegranates have hight antioxidizing properties, which are crucial in protecting the body against radical free damage as well as inflammation.

Additionally, there are also antioxidants in the peel, though most people are not avid fans of consuming it.

That being said, these antioxidants are referred to polyphenols and include anthocyanin, flavonoids, and tannins.

So the more pomegranates that we consume, the better they are for our overall health.

A word of caution though. If we have any pets, it is advised that they shouldn’t get anywhere near pomegranates as their consumption could result in digestive stress. So ensure that any pets shouldn’t consume them at all.

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