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Here’s Why Lupita Nyong’o Went on a Secret Meditation Journey

While technology helps connect people across the globe in just a few clicks, more and more people feel the need to unplug from the digital world. The latest public figure who went on a total digital detox was Lupita Nyong’o. Let us uncover why she went on a silent retreat.

The Interview

Nyong’o shared that she took ten days off on a silent retreat in 2018 to meditate. According to her, she went on a Texas retreat to unwind after dealing with a hectic schedule. She revealed it was the best gift she gave to herself. Nyong’o just spent a whole day treating herself while listening to her inner voice. Moreover, she had a great time spending those precious moments with her family and friends as she celebrated her 35th birthday.

Aside from Nyong’o, other famous TV personalities like Emma Watson, Gisele, and Oprah also went on a silent retreat to take a break from the online world. While the idea of digital detox is gaining popularity nowadays, the experts say it isn’t easy to go on this meditation journey because of how much digital technology is engrained in our lives. Nyong’o also said she struggled grasping its concept and how to apply it to her life.

The Struggle

Daniel Benavides/Wikimedia Commons
Nyong’o shared her first silent retreat experience exclusively on Marie Claire interview

Nyong’o shared how the entire program focused on untangling yourself from the attachment of aversion and pleasure. She realized most of us attach ourselves to the things we love and dislike to the point we let it define our identities. As soon as we realize how to untangle ourselves from this dependency, Nyong’o says it’s easier to live our lives to the fullest.

She felt she had more control over how she wanted to live her life after the program.  After the retreat, she went straight into listening to her favorite songs by Kendrick Lamar.

For the first time, the songs’ lyrics resonated deep inside her, even the rap parts she often overlooked before. She felt as if she reached clarity over her life. Nyong’o was glad she achieved this enlightenment by spending more time listening to herself thanks to the silent retreat she’d undergone.

Expanding Her Horizon

Stephanie Moreno/Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the refresher she had, Nyong’o was confident in expanding her horizon when it comes to her career. She revealed committing to upcoming films and projects like the zombie-thriller movie Little Monsters, a spy thriller movie entitled 355, as well as Star Wars: Episode IX.

Nyong’o says she’d like to pursue projects which allow her skills and abilities to be recognized. According to her, she tends to deliver her best work when she knows all her efforts are appreciated. She feels the need to surround herself with positive energy instead of seeking fame and glory. Nyong’o’s biggest advice to fans is to surround themselves with people who are supportive because you’re likely to excel in whatever you do if the people around you encourage you to reach your goals.

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