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Kate Middleton Announces Creating Awareness About Perinatal Mental Health & Well-Being

The Duchess of Cambridge idealistically appears in the maternal mental health awareness week video. Kate is trying to help mothers with their mental health and well-being and create awareness about maternal mental health.

Kensington palace declared Kate Middleton a supporter and awareness creator of the maternal mental health alliance. It’s a UK charity organization that works in favor of mothers and other women in the UK. They support and give comprehensive care to women and mothers facing perinatal mental health challenges.

Woman & Health Magazine / Middleton has always been a keen supporter of struggling mothers throughout the UK.

Kate Supports Perinatal Mental Issues

The royalty asserted that we all knew that pregnancy, childbirth and a child’s recent years of life are challenging. And they both face a lot of mental and physical health issues. Newly parents often feel weak and lonely during this duration. About 20% of women in the UK experience perinatal mental health issues. And we also know that half of the population is suffering in silence.

Pixabay / Pexels / Psychologists argue that suffering in silence leads to chronic mental disorders. And it is common among women.

Furthermore, she said that none of us wishes to experience anxiety, stress and depression during this duration. Therefore it is crucial to give support and care to those parents who are striving and struggling with perinatal issues. She asserted that these parents have a right to share their feelings with no fear and judgment and can get access to support, care, and help to get a recovery.

Middleton Thanks Herself For Being A Mom Of Three

Kate is the mom of Prince George, princess charlotte and Prince Louis. Furthermore, she thanked herself for being a mom of three. She says that kids are a blessing from God. And a mother is a defender and curator of her children indeed. She said that she feels proud to be a patron of this charity organization.

People / The mother of three, Kate Middleton, is “grateful” for being a mother.

Moreover, Kate added that there are plenty of things that can be done to save parents’ perinatal issues. The royalty was quoted as saying: “We need to build a society that favors children and mothers because children are the family’s future and their generation has to be smarter and more advanced.” She added that we could build a stronger, healthier and more nurturing society that can benefit all of us.

Kate Explains Her Personal Experience Of Pregnancy

While talking to the media, Kate got personal with her experience of childbirth and maternity. She asserted that she had gone through severe nausea, stomach and headache throughout her pregnancy. Her morning sickness was in a daily routine, and she couldn’t cope-up with that till her child’s birth.

However, in an interview on the “happy mom happy baby” podcast, Kate mentioned that she wasn’t the happiest person during pregnancy. Because her mood swung now and then, and her severe morning sickness led her to complete bed rest.

Furthermore, in a roundtable conference, two princesses discussed with experts and new moms how a lady could take care of herself and tackle inequalities in maternity. And they were shown some of the pioneering work being done to improve essential gynecological skills at a local level and worldwide.

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