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Kristen Bell Took This One Simple Step to Combat Depression and Anxiety, And We’re in Shock

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the old axiom goes. But it also applies to our real lives, especially if you’re suffering from depression and anxiety. Sometimes, we don’t notice if a person is going through something by merely looking at them.

While we tend to believe that the bubbliest in the crowd has the least amount of problems, this is often a facade to show the world that they’re fine when they’re really hurting on the inside. One of those people is Kristen Bell, who has been open about her mental health problems.

Behind the Bubbly Personality

Kristen is like a walking ball of sunshine, we’d like to imagine. Just think about it, she seems giddy and happy in front of the camera and together with her husband, Dax Shepard, they are a comedic duo to be reckoned with.

David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons
Some of Kristen’s credits include Bad Moms and Frozen

Her life seems to be perfect, however, it’s far from that. Behind the jokes and the smiles, the 39-year-old previously revealed that she’s been suffering from depression and anxiety and to camouflage these, she shows to the world her cheerful personality.

But don’t take that the wrong way. The Frozen voice actor has always been open about her mental illness and wants everyone to know that there’s no shame in asking for help if you find yourself at that abyss.

She instantly became a beacon of hope among those in the same journey. Lately she admitted that she’s been circling depression and anxiety as she tries to fulfill everything on her filled to-the-brim calendar.

A Lot on Her Plate

The mom of two has been wondering why her struggles have been getting out of hand, pondering to herself if she had been working out enough or if her meds are not working anymore.

Kristen then realized that she has a lot of things on her plate but she couldn’t really focus on being herself. We all know the problems with an overloaded schedule – the stress and pressure it puts on us can take a toll not just on our bodies but on our minds as well.

Celebrity are no different. Most of them struggle to cope with over-booked calenders with shootings, events, brand deals and so much more that we don’t know about. For Kristen, she became busy with Veronica Mars for six months and has been at the helm of Encore and Disney shows.

Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV/Wikimedia Commons
Dax Shepard manages Hello Bello with Kristen Bell

That’s not all, she also founded This Bar Saves Lives, a charitable granola bar company. Apart from that, she and Dax are also busy with Hello Bello, a brand that sells organic baby products.

Saying No

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons
Kristen Bell just wrapped up filming for The Good Place

As expected, work has oftentimes been one of the main reasons why we feel stressed. But besides her busy schedule, Kristen is also feeling overwhelmed because she has always been the type of person to please others and to be there for other people all the time.

The Bad Moms star acknowledged that being frustrated with the thought of not helping others enough can be depleting.

What she did was to learn how to work her way around codependency and understand the importance of saying “no.” Right now Kristen is taking some time off work, which is a perfect opportunity for her to unwind and focus on her mental health. The actress says that she finds it hard to turn down people and admits she gets sweaty palms whenever she does so.

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