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Reese Witherspoon’s Beauty Secret for Youthful Skin is Simpler Than You Think

The renowned actress Reese Witherspoon serves as an inspiration to millions of fans who are mesmerized by her fresh and young face despite her age. Many of us are curious about how she maintained her glamorous appearance — did she try some trendy diets or health fads? Sadly, Witherspoon doesn’t keep up with the latest beauty and fitness trends that are gaining popularity in the industry. Instead, the secret to Witherspoon’s youth is something a lot less groundbreaking.

Always Stay Hydrated

Millions of Witherspoon’s fans always see the actress holding a bottle of water in her hand while she runs errands, and it turns out that there is a very good reason behind it. The renowned producer revealed that hydration can do wonders for your body.

Mingle MediaTV/Wikimedia Commons
Witherspoon always makes sure to bring a bottle of water wherever she goes, especially after working out

Not only does it help improve your circulation —which, in turn, distributes all the nutrients throughout your body — but it also hydrates your skin cells to retain your natural youthful glow.

Aside from drinking water, her nutritionist, Kim Synder also concocted a healthy green smoothie for her and her family to drink to start her day right. Synder blends a variety of green, leafy vegetables and fruits like apple, banana, celery, cilantro, pear, romaine lettuce, and spinach to produce a nutrient-dense shake.

She Indulges In Coffee

Just like 83% of Americans, Witherspoon also loves drinking coffee and it’s her little treat to herself. According to Witherspoon, she must drink at least one cup of Joe to revitalize her energy as she tackles her busy schedule for the day. According to health experts, drinking coffee (in moderation) gives you a ton of health benefits like lowering your risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease as well as Type 2 diabetes.  

She Prefers Outdoor Activities

Ruta Badina/Wikimedia Commons
Witherspoon loves to exercise outside while reconnecting with Mother Nature

Contrary to other celebrities, who love to immerse themselves in gyms and other indoor activities, Witherspoon prefers to be adventurous and take her workouts outside. According to her, she likes to jog, hike, or kayaking while gazing at the beautiful scenery of nature.

Aside from enjoying the fresh air, Witherspoon reveals she doesn’t get exhausted when exercising since she gets to enjoy exploring the places she visits. Not only does her body remains healthy and fit, but outdoor activities feed her soul with peace and good energy.

She Has a Buddy Workout

While most people prefer to workout all alone, Witherspoon reveals it’s more effective for her to work out with a buddy. Her friends keep her accountable when it comes to keeping her diet on track, as well as giving her emotional support.

They get to talk about their love life, family, children, career, and friends while running, hiking or doing other activities together. Witherspoon says the fitness journey becomes easier when you realize that you’re not alone.

She Never Misses Her Skincare Routine

Tony Shek/Flickr
Witherspoon reveals keeping your skin moist is crucial to preserve your youthful glow

You might often see the actress sunbathing, but she reveals she never forgets putting her sunscreen along with other skin care products to take care of her appearance. Witherspoon doesn’t hesitate in buying expensive brands like Natura Bisse and ReVive’s products since they’re dense with nutrients to help protect her skin from getting damaged.

Aside from that, they don’t clog your pores, unlike other products. Witherspoon reveals it’s essential to keep your skin moist at all times as it gets dryer when we get older.

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