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So This Is the Secret Diet Behind Buddy Valastro’s Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

Who doesn’t know the bubbly celebrity chef on TLC’s hit show Cake Boss and the owner of Carlo’s Bakery chain, Buddy Valastro? Fans probably recall him as the chubby cake expert who whipped up some delicious confectionery goods.

And who can really blame him for being plump? After all, it is no easy job being surrounded by desserts all day and resist the temptation to nibble on a cupcake here and there.

With Valastro continuously whipping up delicious foods and mouthwatering pastries for customers, it’s no wonder the renowned chef, along with the rest of his family members, are bound to gain few pounds.

However, Valastro shocked his fans when he shed off his excess weight and debuted a slim, more toned physique. Now fans are curious about how Valastro was able to resist temptations at work and achieve his dramatic weight loss. 

The renowned baker is sharing the specific diet program he used to shed the excess weight so if you’re getting ready for bikini season, this could be perfect for you.

The Diet Program

In a shocking Instagram post, Valastro showed off his slim, toned figure next to his gorgeous wife, Lisa, with a caption about his weight loss transformation.

The renowned baker wrote how a lot of his fans had noticed how much weight he had lost and couldn’t help but ask about the secret behind his success story. Valastro then reveals he had followed a very specific diet called the Optavia program.

Valastro reveals the diet regimen clicks with him and he’s pleased with the results he has seen so far

If you’ve never heard of Optavia, it is a program owned by Medifast where certified coaches and nutritionists design a customized meal plan for users to set them off on a healthy track.

What makes Optavia different from other diet is that its meal plans comprise of six small meals a day, instead of three big ones.

Eating more frequently will make you feel lighter (yet fuller) while boosting your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day. The dieters can also avail the company’s prepackaged meals under the “Fueling” program.

Cheat Days

Despite following a diet, Valastro revealed that he wasn’t too strict with his meals while on his weight loss journey. The renowned baker indulged in cheat meals occasionally to reward himself for the progress he had made.

Since Valastro owns several Italian restaurants, he enjoys feasting on his favorite veal parm as well as other confectionary creations.

Who can resist the temptations when your job is to create delicious baked goods

What’s more surprising is that he isn’t guilty when he indulged in these foods since Valastro knows he’s going to make up for it the next day.

The renowned baker says you need to find a balance between clean eating and indulging once in a while so that you won’t end up depriving yourself.

Other Factors

Before finding Optavia program, Valastro had been on a weight loss journey for many months. Aside from following a clean, healthy diet, he credited his remarkable body transformation to lifting weights and bike riding.

This strategy enabled him to lose fat while gaining muscle so that he maintained a lean and toned physique. Valastro says that his healthy habits aren’t a part of a diet, instead, he looks at them as a part of his new lifestyle that he will stick to for the rest of his life.  

The Warning

Buddy credits his remarkable body transformation to eating clean, lifting weights and riding the bike

While Valastro encourages his fans to try the Optavia diet to lose weights, he reiterates that they’re not required to follow it. He acknowledges that everyone has a different body type, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dieting. He encourages everyone to do their own research and stick to whatever works for them.

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