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These Are the Best Substitutes to Refined Sugar, According to Research

Almost every one of us is in a relationship with sugar and just like other relationships, it also has issues. Refine sugar can harm human body in multiple ways like it can increase glucose level of blood and also contributes to insulin resistance. After hearing all this, still, we cannot leave treats forever.

So, in order to find best possible sugar substitutes, many food bloggers were approached and asked about their favorite sugar substitutes. There is no doubt that adding these sugar substitutes will never turn a toffee into a superfood but they would definitely offer a natural sweetener to your diet which is also beneficial for your health. Following is the list of sugar substitutes recommended by food bloggers.


Mona Mok/unsplash
Dates – a fiber-rich sugar substitute

Dates are full of fibers and a naturally sweet fruit. One thing that makes them ideal sugar substitute is their versatility. While speaking to Health, the Eating Bird Food blog expert Brittany Mullins said that you can easily use dates in salads, smoothies and even in energy balls. Dates can also be used in a mesh form and they are grindable.

Coconut Sugar:

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Coconut sugar is one of the best sugar substitute available nowadays, many food bloggers suggest

Rachel Mansfield, the recipe developer, and food expert has a vast knowledge about sugar substitute. And according to her, coconut sugar is the best sugar substitute. She told Health that coconut sugar has the sweetness which cane sugar has and it does not spike blood sugar as well.

This sugar substitute is made from sap extracted from the coconut palms. It contains nutrients like zinc, iron, and thiamin. Mansfield further said that if a recipe requires one cup of cane sugar, then 3/4 cup coconut sugar would do the trick. You can check the taste of this sugar substitute by trying Mansfield’s cinnamon rolls. She said that this is her favorite recipe and have zero percent of sugar.


Rachel Loughman/unsplash
Applesauce is the ideal white sugar substitute, said Williams

While talking to Health, Sassy Gregson-Williams, a personal trainer and UK cookbook author said that when it comes to cut down on added sugar, applesauce is her ideal option. The Naturally Sassy founder further said that this sugar substitute works well in muffins and cookies.

She also said that applesauce can be used as a replacement for butter and oil and helps in cake moisten. To have a taste of this substitute, you can try Williams recipe for lavender lemon-glazed cookies. The recipe includes maple syrup and applesauce, both in the same quantity.

Monk Fruit Sweetener:

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Monk fruit sweetener is the low-carb sugar substitute

Since Laura Lea Goldberg, a chef and a food blogger gave people the recipe for black bean brownies, everyone feels obsessed. And no one surprised when told people the benefits of monk fruit sweetener.

While talking to Health, she said that she has enjoyed monk fruit sweetener a lot and this is probably the best substitute for white sugar. Goldberg further said many people find it hard to bear the aftertaste of monk fruit sweetener and she recommended to use it with string ingredients. She further explained that it is best to mix this substitute with ingredients like cocoa, banana, cinnamon, and walnuts.


Tiard Schulz/unsplash

Not every sugar substitute needs to be super sweet as Britt Berlin, the health blogger said that her favorite sugar substitute is a mixture of vanilla bean and cinnamon. Berlin never used sugar substitutes like honey, applesauce, coconut sugar in her diet and recipes. To check spices as a sugar substitute, you can check her recipe for sweet potato loaf. She explains Health that this recipe is tasty that you would think to have a fudgy brownie.


Arwin Neil Baichoo/unsplash
Honey – the natural replacement of white sugar

Last but not the least, honey is another decent substitute for sugar and provides completely natural sweet flavor. Manuka, a special form of honey also contains antibacterial properties.

Honey can be used in anything and that’s what makes it the ideal sugar substitute for many health bloggers. While speaking to Health, Kale Junkie owner Nicole Modic said that honey is one of her favorite sugar substitutes. Modic said that she uses it in her tea and on top of her toasts.

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