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What Is The ‘Cracker Diet’ And Why Are CEOs Doing It?

Molly Sims, a supermodel is doing it and Katie Couric, a famous US TV star is also doing it along with the bunch of famous elites of New York City. While giving an interview to, CEO of F-Factor, Tanya Zuckerbrot, said that all the CEO’s and CFO’s are working with them from fashion industry as well as finance industry.

She further said that their interaction is with those people who work hard and they also want to play hard. While keeping this in mind, they have to cater them with the best facilities, the nutrition counselor said. Tanya is a founder of “The F-Factor Diet” and is a registered nutritionist. The F-Factor diet is a fiber-rich program and has a lot of high profile clients who pay up to $20,000 to get a diet advice from Tanya.

Molly Sims – the American actress and model is a big fan of The F-Factor diet program.

Zuckerbrot said that the fee of her initial package is $15,000 which includes a two-hour education class and a preliminary consultation. It also included follow-up visits. She said that the fee of her associates is $4500.

The CEO said that the key to her success and her clients is the education classes. The nutritionist further said that are many weight loss programs available on the internet and people are being misguided about those programs.

Many people do not get the right weight loss program and thus they end up getting more weight instead of losing, she continued. Tanya said that they do not dictate their clients but educate them in the right ways and also teach them the science behind the principles they use.

Those who can’t afford Tanya’s fitness program can read books like The Miracle Carb Diet and The F-Factor Diet.

She said that the science behind their principles is to make diet rich in fibers and add vegetables, and fruits with proteins in every meal. The secret weapon of Tanya is GG Bran Crispbread crackers which she recommends to take in every meal.

She said GG Bran Crispbread crackers is the fundament of “The F-Factor”. The diet expert said that they do not use bread but use crackers as the human body cannot break it, so, it keeps them full all the day. It also helps in boosting the metabolism and this way you lose weight without feeling hungry, she continued.

The founder of F-Factor diet program Tanya Zuckerbrot is a diet expert who focuses on fiber-rich diet and also recommends the same to her high profile client.

As far as the manufacturing and ingredients of GG Bran Crispbread are concerned, the appetite control cracker is manufactured in Norway and contains only 20 calories and 8g of fibers. It helps is stimulating metabolism and at the same time absorbs fat and calories, Tanya further added. Here at The F-Factor, they recommend their clients to take 35-40 gm of fiber per day.

The F-Factor owner said that unfortunately, there is no fiber is our diets nowadays and we have modified our diets in such a way that on average a person takes 9 to 11g of fiber each day which is below par what it is needed by our body. Over a million dollar revenue is generated by F-Factor but Tanya knows well that everyone cannot afford their prices. She said that those people who are interested in losing weight but cannot afford F-Factor, there are two books available for them – “The Miracle Carb Diet” and “The F-Factor Diet.”

GG Bran Crispbread crackers are the secret weapon of Tanya and contain only 8g of fiber per serving and only 20 calories.

While commenting on the success of F-Factor, Susie Burrell, an Australian nutritionist said that the success of F-Factor is based on clever marketing as she said that there is no rocket science behind taking a fiber-rich diet.

Burrell further said Tanya is getting extra for her personal advice from those who have extra money to waste. And spending a lot has become a trend nowadays. The Australian diet expert also warned that fiber-rich diet should be taken with precaution. She said that this type of diet is not suitable for everyone as products rich in fiber can inflame gut tissues.

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