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Have You Gained Weight But Don’t Know Why? This Might Be The Reason!

The lifestyle of the modern woman has kept her so busy that she has forgotten to take care of her own needs. But self-care needs to become a priority for you right now, because if you are not in the best of health, then you won’t be able to perform any of those regular tasks which are your responsibility.

Bachelot Pierre J-P/Wikimedia Commons
Sometimes, even with a proper diet, one can’t stop gaining weight, but there is always an underlying reason

One issue that women usually tend to ignore pertains to the sudden increase in their weight. While some don’t even notice such a variation, others choose to ignore it simply because it does not seem like a serious health concern to them. But it is indeed a health concern, as you may be suffering from any of the following issues.

Most Common Reasons

Usually, the biggest culprit behind unexplained weight gain tends to be an abnormally functioning thyroid. With a condition called hypothyroidism, which is more common in women than men, the body fails to maintain a stable metabolism.

Since the thyroid is not producing as much of the hormone that is required to speed up the metabolic process, the metabolism slows down, and this naturally leads to a gain in weight. A major sign that you may have hypothyroidism is a lack of energy or persistent fatigue, dryness of the skin, or constipation.

But a final diagnosis can only be given by a medical practitioner, who will prescribe some blood tests which can prove without a doubt if you have a thyroid issue.

Takashi Hososhima/Wikimedia Commons
Perpetual tiredness is one of the most defining factors of hypothyroidism

Another issue, which is specific to women, is the PCOS, or the polycystic ovary syndrome. This disorder disturbs the endocrine system, thereby disrupting the balance existing between the level of estrogen as well as testosterone within a woman’s body. As a result, a woman’s starts experiencing symptoms such as irregular and abnormal periods, unwanted hair growth on the face, and also unexplained migraines.

The PCOS condition is also very dangerous if you are already at a high risk of getting diabetes, due to family history with the disease, as it can modify your body’s ability to use insulin. This is also what causes people with PCOS to gain weight, especially around the belly, as the sugar in the food is not digested properly.

Other Factors You Must Consider

Sometimes, the reason why your weight is fluctuating has to do more with your mind rather than physical health. If you experience bouts of extreme stress, chances are this is causing your body’s hormonal levels to go haywire, which is why it is failing to regulate weight properly.

United States Congress/Wikimedia Commons
Taking on too much stress, perhaps due to excess work, is enough to make you gain a lot of weight

Basically, due to all the stress you are handling, your body is producing a hormone called cortisol which, by design, makes sure you have enough fat stored to use whenever you are faced with a problem again.

Of course, cortisol was very necessary back when humans were still living alongside their predators, as it allowed them to manage energy levels properly and ensure that they did not reach the point of starvation, thanks to all the fat reserves.

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