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Bizarre Addictions You Never Knew Existed

Today, society is living in a world full of new perceptions and eased practices that stemmed from modernization. Norms become strange practices and sometimes become trends. People are already accepting these changes, and it’s only a matter of time before the bigger percentage of humanity are overwhelmed with it. Open-mindedness paves the way to letting in new ideas, theories, preferences, and practices.

Everyone is slowly breaking the wall of the conventional to try new stuff in a constant pursuit of satisfaction. Even the things people commonly delve into such as the conventional alcohol and drug addictions evolve into far and bizarre variations. What used to be the most common addictions are gradually changing into habits we barely knew.  It’s very much like a formula that goes like this:

Curiosity + open-mindedness = A strange addiction.

As a proof of the existence of bizarre addictions, read on. For some of them, it’s hard to fathom how they began.

Till death do us part 

Marriage is a commitment you vow to uphold with your other half in sickness and in health, richer or poorer, till death part. There’s a lady named Casie who can’t stop licking her dead husband’s ashes.

She even talks to the gray dust, cooks for it and takes it to the movies. I wonder what would happen when she consumes everything. Would she consider eating his urn?

“When I cook, I cook what he likes. I don’t eat it, but I cook it for him,” she says.

Chasing cars

If you think you’re head over heels in love with someone, think again. Some people have dates with their rides. Most individuals who suffer from this addiction are introverts like Nate who are used to not having friends. They direct their affection to things like cars. “How do you date a car?” you ask. Let’s just say that Nate has a history of being involved in excessive masturbation. Oh, he named his car, Chase.

Real blood 

This is not about a Hollywood series that is about love and fangs. Julia Caples from Pennsylvania, US has been drinking blood from willing volunteers for over 30 years, with an average of two liters of human blood in a month. Not enough goriness, I hear, Michelle, a tattoo artist from California, drinks a liter of blood in a day straight up from her friend’s limbs with an extra on the side, pig plasma.


Everybody loves a great home. And if that includes you, keep Nicole, 26, away from yours if you want your wall foundations to remain strong, whole, and without a hole. She has this weird addiction to eating hunks of dry walls after pulling them out. It has left her home with big holes.


Water is essential to the body. That is why we are advised to take eight glasses of water every day. But instead of following this, Bartha, 23, reaches for something else when she is thirsty. She prefers five bottles of nail polish every day to water. She prefers Blue or any polish with glitter.

Rest in peace…

Funerals make us sad. Most people even avoid attending funerals.  However, Luis Squarisi, a Brazilian, listens to obituaries on the radio just to attend funerals. If the radio doesn’t provide enough information, he turns to the help of telephones. Yes, you heard me right. He calls the hospitals and funeral homes to inquire about funerals. He’s a funeral regular of the town.

There’s nothing wrong with being unconventional in expressing yourself or doing something odd as long as you don’ harm yourself. Life is how we choose to live it. People will either like you, hate you, or accept the fact that not everybody is a cliché.

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