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Essential Life Lessons You Can Learn About Body Acceptance From Taylor Swift

One of the world’s most famous singers, Taylor Swift, has come a long way not only when it comes to her professional career but also in her personal life. Swift opens up about the important lessons she learned in her life, particularly when it comes to accepting her body.

While learning to accept her appearance and feel confident in her own skin wasn’t an easy road, Taylor revealed that she discovered other ways to celebrate her worth as a woman instead of focusing on the physical aspect of her beauty. Swift shared the lessons she learned about body acceptance and she also wants her fans to learn from her experience.

The Confession

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the 29-year old singer revealed she’s still learning to accept her body and not hate every ounce of fat on her. Instead of punishing herself by starving, depriving her body of proper nutrition and obsessing over cardio just to lose weight, Swift works on changing her mindset instead. Swift reveals how she tries to look on the brighter side of weight gain and not compare herself to younger models and actresses in the industry who seem to have the ‘perfect body’.

Ever since she started putting on weight, Taylor noticed that her body was getting gorgeous curves she’d always envied on other girls. Moreover, her hair and skin are much healthier, she has more energy to engage in her favorite activities and she has learned to develop a positive relationship with food. In a way, Swift is more comfortable with her current physique and wouldn’t want to go back to her old lifestyle.

Finding the Perfect Balance

However, Swift also makes sure she doesn’t stray too far to keep her body healthy. The renowned singer admitted there’s no quick and easy fix when it comes to creating a balance between weight and health, but she’s trying hard every day. Swift also reveals she started taking better care of her body with supplements and vitamins.

Swift recommends drinking black or green tea to detoxify your body from stress while boosting your energy and alertness

According to her, supplements help energize her body – making her feel great as she tackles her busy schedule, shooting, and traveling every single day. Aside from that, she takes L-theanine to manage her stress and anxiety. Swift reveals it’s more important to tend to your body’s needs –like lack of energy, hunger cues, exhaustion, and sleepiness — than to nit-pick on how you look.

Looking Forward to Brighter Things

Swift says that another way to de-stress from your toxic environment is by focusing on your goals and keeping your head in the game. When she’s feeling gloomy or sad, she opens her countdown app and let it run until the feeling wears off. The countdown serves as her deadline to let go of her stress, frustration, or anxiety. When she’s calm again, Swift diverts her attention by thinking about the good things in life. One of them is her upcoming birthday, as she’s about to hit 30.

Swift reveals it’s more important to tend to your body’s needs than to nit-pick on how you look

While her birthday is still so far away, just by thinking of the things she could do for herself on her special day brings a smile to her face. If not, she enlists all the things she looks forward to like traveling, buying a new house or car, or just as simple as treating herself a relaxing spa. Swift says it doesn’t have to be as special as holidays or occasions, just having some me time is enough to lift yourself.

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