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Experts Reveal How Your Significant Other Impacts Your Health And Well-being

Having a significant other in our life can be wonderful: we have someone special to our hearts supporting us in our dreams and goals. We also get unconditional love, care, and emotional support whenever we’re down. 
They’re always there to lift us if we feel like the world’s going against us. Of course, your partner influences not only how you see the future but also your physical health too. Whether they bring positive or negative impact on your health, the experts reveal how your significant other can influence your well-being.

They Can Give Chronic Pain

According to studies, most couples experience more back-pain after cohabitating

According to PLOS Medicine‘s study, your partner is capable of giving you not only emotional pain (in case of fights or arguments) but also physical pain. The researchers claim if one partner suffers from depression, they’re likely to experience chronic pain too. Their chronic pain can range from aches, weakness, or even lower back pain.

It Worsens Your Insomnia

If your partner has insomnia, chances are, you’ll do everything on your part to help them beat it. We may encourage them going to bed early, or wake your partner at a later time for them to have a longer sleep. You might also think of trying other solutions to help your partner fix their sleeping pattern. While your intentions are good and genuine, the experts say you may exacerbate their insomnia rather than fix it.

According to Monash University researchers, you might put unnecessary pressure and stress on your partner without you realizing it. Because your partner doesn’t want to let you down, they keep on thinking on how to follow your advice. However, this overthinking puts their body into stress – making them restless and their desire to sleep gets even more elusive.

They Can Make You Gain Weight

Whenever you gain weight, you often hear your families and friends’ saying it’s because you’re happy and in love. It turns out there’s a scientific basis for this claim. According to Southern Methodist University’s researchers, most couples spend most of their bonding times and dates roaming around and trying new, exquisite foods they see.

Since they’re happy, they feel less inclined in maintaining a gorgeous body unlike when they’re still single. Instead, these couples focus on indulging their taste buds and filling their tummies with delicious, mouthwatering foods.

Most couples tend to gain weight since they go on dates, anniversaries, and food trips together frequently

They Can Stop Your Smoking Habits

On the bright side, your partner can also help improve your health too. According to JAMA Internal Medicine‘s study, having a significant other who doesn’t smoke can help their partner quit smoking. The research shows around 8% of individuals who smoke were able to stop their habits thanks to their non-smoker partners. 

According to the researchers, most couples use a reward system to encourage their partner in kicking off the habit. For example, in each day they don’t smoke, they receive a gift or have a fancy date with their partner. The researchers encourage couples to work on a reward system that works for them to encourage their partner to quit their unhealthy habits.

They Help in Preventing Chronic Diseases Like Cancer

According to Harvard Medical School’s doctors, they found that married couples tend to be healthier than single people. Why? It’s because they encourage each other to undergo annual medical checkups to ensure their health and wellbeing.

It makes it easier for couples to detect chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, or high blood early. These couples also take early steps to fight against cancer as they plan their road to recovery. Their desire to live longer to build their family and witness their children growing, inspire them to stay healthy and fit.

They Encourage You To Go to The Gym

According to studies, an individual who has been in a relationship with fitness enthusiasts encourage them to be healthy. The research shows if a woman has a husband who has fitness goals, they’re 40% more likely to follow their steps and start going to the gym to work out too.

On the other hand, a man is 70% more likely to exercise if they have a wife who’s inclined to fitness. Moreover, the researchers say couples also succeed in losing weight together since they motivate each other to be physically fit.

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