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Freelancers Can Access Health Insurance Coverage From These Sources

Freelancers beginning their career independently will be concerned about whether they will be able to find the appropriate health insurance coverage they need. Insurance companies will not be lining at their doorstep and offering them policies which are suitable for their requirements. The freelancer concerned will need to invest some time and conduct research about how he or she can find options that are suitable for them and their family.

Insurers are not averse to selling health insurance coverage to freelancers but generally prefer to play tough with them. Their objective will be to sell the coverage needed at the highest possible price. However, freelancers have the option to choose various routes when they try to obtain the insurance coverage they need.

How Can Freelancers Access Health Insurance Coverage?

As mentioned earlier there are several routes open for freelancers that are trying to obtain health insurance coverage. They can utilize one of the options mentioned below, confident with the knowledge that they will not be disappointed. They should, however, ensure they conduct proper research before contacting the insurer failing which they could be forced into purchasing a policy which is rather expensive. Let us look at how freelancers can succeed in finding the appropriate health insurance coverage for themselves and their family.

Begin Searching Independently

Health InsuranceBeginning a search independently to obtain quotes for health insurance by using independent agents is one way of getting the health insurance coverage needed. Freelancers are advised to begin searching for local agents in order to give their inquiry a face and a name. Contacting a local agent will also give access to all information the freelancer needs in a single sitting. The Internet can also be a useful tool but is better avoided because online inquiries do not evoke the kind of responses needed.

The Internet will also make it possible for freelancers to get multiple quotes at the same time and allows them an opportunity to explore a wide variety of plans. Unfortunately, it may not be possible for the freelancer to discuss his or her individual requirements over the Internet and therefore it will be beneficial to try and contact a local agent.

Benefits Can Also Be Accrued By Joining A Group

Health InsuranceFreelancers will benefit if they decide to join a writer’s Union or alternatively an association of independent contractors because it will open up some possibilities of obtaining group health insurance. They can consider joining the National Association for self-employed individuals which can also provide them free quotes. The Authors Guild is another group which should be considered because they can offer insurance for discounted prices for authors who have published their works in certain states.

High-Risk Pools Should Not Be Ignored

Various states have insurance pools for high-risk individuals who may not be eligible for coverage via an employer or are unable to find affordable insurance elsewhere. This option should also be considered especially by freelancers who are unable to find health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions or other issues which are considered as high risk. Freelancers that were eligible for COBRA benefits from their employer will need to exhaust their coverage before they become eligible for high-risk pools offered by the state. The health insurance resource Center can provide additional information on insurance options for high-risk individuals.

Taking into Account COBRA Coverage Will Also Help

Health InsuranceA federal mandate exists which requires employers to offer COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) coverage which offers plans for health, vision and dental care which the freelancer would have benefited from before making a decision to begin working independently. The span of coverage offered by COBRA is from 18 months to three years and depends on certain factors. The plan may look expensive on occasions but it would still be better because the cost may be lesser than other plans which may be offered. Freelancers who are considering moving away from a full-time position to begin working independently may find this option good for themselves. However, they will need to have a word with their employer before they decide on the same.

The subject of health insurance is receiving plenty of attention in America and therefore insurers have introduced additional plans for freelancers along with independent contractors. Freelancers are advised to conduct research and look for the most recent updates before deciding on any particular insurer as a health insurance provider for themselves.

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