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Here’s How to Maintain a Positive Bond With Your Friends

Over the course of the past 2 years, it is evident that the pandemic definitely has had some adverse effect on people’s lives. For starters, the shift from working at the office to working from home has made it quite tough to keep up with our regular routine. Not only that but the lockdown and restrictions have also put a barrier on meeting family and friends. While it may seem insignificant now but these factors have greatly taken a toll on mental health.

Pexels | When was the last time you sat at one table and enjoyed a laugh with friends?

Through Thick and Thin

Let’s be honest, friends are one of the most important relationships that come into your life. The lockdown may have stopped you from meeting them personally but you’ve managed to stay in contact through either video calls or messages and checking up on them every now and then.

From a young age, you may have made a few good friends who you’ve grown up with. They know all your deepest secrets and you know theirs. So, it would be safe to say that they are the reason for your good memories, fun time, and vice versa. According to a study at Concordia University, Canada, having a friend can be beneficial as it can help you ignore the negative experience and focus on the good time you spent.

Pexels | Friends are those people who play make your shortcomings feel like your strength

Facing the Friendship Shift

As you grow old, your priorities begin to shift so does your friendship. Some people manage to keep up with their friendship just the way they were but sometimes, friends drift apart and in this situation, there is no one to blame.

As you continue to mature, the circumstances continue to change and may end up affecting your friendship negatively. With the pretty perfect image of friendship you may have seen on TV, it is hard to hold yourself and your friends to the same standard.

Pexels | The secret behind keeping the friendship alive is simply to not expect perfection

Keeping the Friendship Alive

  1. So, your first step should be to rid your mind of any standard that you may have created based on a movie you saw about best friends. You should always keep a tight grip on reality. It’ll help you make much more sound decisions rather than letting your emotions take over.
  2. Be sure to communicate. If something comes up last minute and you have to cancel the dinner you and your friends have been planning for weeks, try communicating with them and take the lead when planning the next get-together.
  3. Take out some designated time to talk to your friends. You often take time out of your day to catch up with your siblings and parents. You should also call your friends every now and then.
  4. Know the real ones. When you grow up, you’ll realize that you do not have to stay friends with everyone you used to hang out with back at high school. You should always appreciate and acknowledge the friends who have your back regardless of the circumstances.

Consider this article to be a sign. Reach out to your friends and plan a lunch date.

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