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All You Need to Know About Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder is one of the growing health concerns of the day. Dr. Joanna Silver, a famous Eating Disorder Specialist, suggests that the so-called “wellbeing tips” and restricting diets give birth to an eating disorder. She argues that social media trends like “Clean Eating,” “Diet Restriction” and “Veganism” are baseless and problematic.

Let’s be honest. We all are satiated with videos, blog posts, and Instagram hashtags from so-called influencers who lecture on eating disorders. Analytics suggest that in 2021, 60 million “Clean Eating” and “Eating Disorder” Instagram hashtags were shared. Clinical psychologists, like Jordan B. Peterson, argue that these marketing hashtags create psychological chaos and eating disorders.

What is Eating Disorder?

According to American Psychiatric Association (APA), an eating disorder is a state of serious mental illness that gets birth from eating. This mental illness is very likely to damage the affected person socially, psychologically, and of course physically.

Surveys show that it is mostly found in women in their early 20s. However, it can also be found in men and underage boys. Generally speaking, eating disorders affect 10% of the global population.

Common Eating Disorder Types

RODNAE / Pexels / Eating Disorders can be commonplace among excessive Social Media Users, says APA.

There are as many as six types of eating disorders. However, Anorexia and Bulimia are the most common among them. Anorexia Nervosa is more connected with body shape and physique. Patients with Anorexia become underweight and thinner compared to their age groups. On the other hand, patients with Bulimia eat abnormally. Essentially, patients lose control over the quantity and frequency of eating. Nonetheless, it is most common in women and adolescents.

However, Dr. Joanna argues that these two patent eating disorders are common among excessive social media users and those who are healthily not conscious. Excessive sugar and junk food add up to the birth of these eating orders.

Common Warning Signs of Eating Disorder

Daria / Pexels / Top Dermatologist Dr. Gene warns that Anorexia can be deadly if taken lightly.

American Psychiatric Association lists down 6 warning signs of eating disorders. These include:

  • Vomiting & other purging behaviors.
  • Fatigue.
  • Insomnia.
  • Food Binges.
  • Excessive Exercise and abnormal body shape.
  • Severe Food Restriction & Excessive Eating.

Nonetheless, eating disorders become deadlier due to the inconvenience from the affected person. That is, the majority of patients take it lightly and treatment becomes difficult at later stages.

That is why the APA encourages patients to consult a psychiatrist or a physician right away.

Is Eating Disorder Deadly?

MART / Pexels / The so-called social media influencers and their tips worsen Eating Disorders worldwide, argues top Clinical Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson.

As mentioned earlier, Eating Disorder is beyond food. It is rather a serious psychological illness that can be catastrophic to the well-being of an individual. American Psychiatric Association Diagnosis Manual suggests that over 5 million Americans are affected by eating disorders. Furthermore, the study suggests that – if taken lightly – it can cause death.

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