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How to Start Your Year with Positive Mindfulness?

Everyone anticipates the New Year, and the celebration that comes with it. The New Year usually means a brand-new chapter in our lives we can’t wait to live. This is where we lay out our New Year’s resolutions and goals we need to achieve to keep us motivated throughout the year.

How can we ensure that our New Year will be filled with nothing but positivity and eliminate all the self-doubts and insecurities? How can we make our new year productive and successful? Here’s what the experts have to say.

Journal Writing

Journaling your every step and milestone of the year helps you keep track of your progress

As a human being, we all have different goals in life – be it in our personal, financial, or professional life. These multiple goals we have sometimes overwhelm us to the point where we don’t know where to start our journey to accomplish it. According to life coaches, journaling is an effective way to organize your thoughts and goals in life. Not only that, but it helps you focus on what needs to be done first.

They encourage you to list out all the goals you want to achieve in the year 2019. Then, you can lay out plans on how you want your schedule to look like for a certain day or entire week. This will give you a sense of control and free will on how you want to dictate and set your own life.

Visualize Your Dreams.

According to life coaches, dreams are another way of motivating ourselves to envision a brighter future. Or if not, it also serves as our spiritual guidance as to what our instinct is telling us.

Spend at least 10-30 minutes of relaxation as you go to bed and start envisioning or picturing what you’ll be doing tomorrow. Will you be working on your tasks productively and accomplishing them on time? Will you finally be going to the gym to have a healthy and fit body?

When you finally sleep, you’ll find yourself having a good rest as your dream continues to flourish. It also helps set the pace since you’ll be in a good mood when you wake up. You’ll also feel motivated to turn your dreams into reality.

Do Guided Meditation

Simon Rae/unsplash
Guided meditation helps clear our mind so that we can focus on achieving and accomplishing our goals

Most people do guided meditation to help ease the stress in their body and clear their mind. However, the life coaches say guided meditation also helps activate your intuition and mindfulness.

By navigating through visual images, concepts, and soft music, you can imagine changing into a better version of yourself. You might see yourself leading a successful company, then start asking questions on how you can achieve it.

Then list down all these questions and uses guided meditation to seek the answers. Also, it’s recommended to record any insights or lessons you’ve thought of throughout the meditation.

Choose Your Spirit Animal

Josue Michel/unsplash
Interact with your chosen animal or pet to help you get through the year

Everyone has their favorite pet or animal. Do you notice how your stress seems to vanish when you pet your dog or cat? Or how when you feel sleepy and have a great rest when you snuggle up with your pets?

If you have a pet already, choose them as your spirit animal and form of support to help you keep going. If not, you can select a spirit animal through oracle cards with pictures and descriptions. Pick one random card every day and read the descriptions to help set the pace of your day.

Create Your Year 2019 Soundtrack.

For those people who love to indulge themselves in music to keep themselves motivated and inspired, the life coaches recommend you start building your 2019 Playlist. Choose those songs that invoke powerful emotions and feelings in you. When you’re feeling stressed, you can listen to these songs to calm yourself down.

When you’re having a creativity or productivity block, lean on these songs to inspire yourself. Your favorite songs serve as your lifeline to get you back on track and be prepared for whatever situation you face in your life.

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